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SOS Center Mission Statement


SOS Center Mission Statement

By establishing SOS Centers and WADDA YA GOT? Thrift stores in communities across America we accomplish our main goal which is to help and thank our past and present Veterans and supply needed PTSD counseling and vocational services. Veterans will be housed and trained on how to run the Centers, thrift store, repair goods and learn trades. Locals will learn of our organization while frequenting the stores and join. SOS members offer discounts on their products and services to our past and present Veterans as a way to thank them for their service.

SOS encourages you to support businesses that support our Military members, thousands are listed on our Local Discounts page.. More and more companies see the value in showing their support of a job well done. On this website are companies that honor our nation’s past and present Military by offering a discount. Please support them. SOS is looking for volunteers, sales reps, suggestions and support. You will also be able to donate gift items you no longer need to a local Veteran on our classified section. Like us at www.facebook.com/supportingourservicemen.

Welcome to SOS, a non-profit organization dedicated to HELPING and THANKING the past and present servicemen and women who have served and are serving our great country.

On this site people with a product or service are able to promote their business while thanking the past and present Veterans of our country. Advantages of joining SOS are many: First and foremost companies extend a discount on their services to the past and present servicemen and women to show appreciation for their service. Members will be able to post a beautiful Gold, Silver or Bronze decal on their storefronts, websites and marketing materials telling everyone of their support and inviting the 27,000,000 strong military affinity group to shop with them. Members will be listed on our national directory and our virtual mall, they will also have access to our state-of-the-art marketing technology. By posting the decals business owners will show patriotism, attract new customers, earn customer loyalty and good will and most importantly thank our past and present service members. A Gold decal signifies a minimum of a 10% discount on their goods and services, a Silver decal signifies a minimum of 5% discount and a Bronze decal signifies varying discounts on varying product.. Display the decals with pride, you deserve it!


The Problem

There is an estimated 6,300 homeless veterans living in Los Angeles County, the largest concentration of homeless veterans in the United States. Up to sixty thousand vets will be returning to Los Angeles in the next five years. This past year, ten percent of the homeless vets are post-9/11 vets, up from only four percent a few years ago. Despite the unprecedented effort to end homelessness among veterans, events between now and the end of the year, and beyond, will bring challenges to our veterans that we will have to be prepared for and met.

It has been the common belief in the past that the VA holds the solution to this problem. But the VA has not been given the money to serve the number of veterans that are asking for help. More than 2.8 million have now served in the wars in the Middle East. As of 2009, more veterans were hospitalized for mental health disorders than were seeking help for physical injury or illness. In reality, the VA drastically underestimated the number of veterans who would need care after their return, so tens of thousands are currently going untreated. Add to that the growing number of aging Vietnam veterans. This lack of capacity to serve has its consequences:

  • 4 million veterans in America are living below the poverty line.
  • another 1.4 million living just above it.
  • In California, the number below the poverty line is more than 160,000. Many of these are aging and disabled veterans of the Vietnam era.
  • More than 35% of post-9/11 vets in L.A. County, do not have employment that provides a sustainable level of income.
  • The poverty rate for the youngest veterans, the 18-24 year olds, is 21%.
  • 25% of L.A. County’s post 9/11 veterans are rent-burdened, which means they spend 30-50% of their incomes on rent.

Some of the wounds our soldiers suffer are evident: lost limbs, blindness, spinal cord injuries. These wounds are immediately recognizable and understood. But many more come back with the invisible wounds of war – combat trauma, traumatic brain injury – and these disabled veterans will number in the hundreds of thousands. The psychic wounds caused by these incidents will reverberate over the coming years and in some cases will lead to homelessness.Homelessness is the end result of a whole series of events that result in diminished capacity, loss of self-determination, most often loss of employment, loss of family, isolation, poverty, and lack of self-esteem, all leading to inability to pay for housing.Project Description: Container homes for our homeless veteransThe U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has not done enough to address this homeless veteran situation. To pick up where the VA has left off, SOS is transforming freight containers into homes for our homeless veterans.The essences of our Container Homes for Veterans is to refurbish an 8-foot by 20-foot shipping container into homes for veterans who do not have regular permanent housing. A person who is homeless and a veteran qualifies for one of the refurbished homes. Both individuals and families would be accepted.The container homes will be fitted for electricity and a 50 gallon water tank. Two shipping containers could be connected together to provide larger homes to accommodate families. A number of individual containers can be placed near each other to create small communities.Once veterans are in the homes, SOS will continue to work with the veterans to help them find employment and to attain necessary medical attention.



• Increases Business
• Earns customer loyalty and good will
• Helps spread patriotism
• Wonderful way to thank our Veterans

​SOS is a member of the California Association of NonProfit organizations.

For Info please email: monte@ilovesos.org or call: 888.658.8884